Start-Up Businesses

This is clearly where the action is. Colorado is generally known as one of the best places to start a business because of the extensive support system that is already in place for entrepreneurs.

This is one of the areas in which I have had experience with literally thousands of entrepreneurs starting and growing their businesses. As the president of a national private bank for decades, I have had the pleasure of helping business men and women with the funding necessary to start their businesses. In that position, I have read more business plans than I would care to admit as well as having provided business coaching to literally thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the US.

As a practicing attorney, I have had the privilege and excitement of sharing the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs as they take their dreams from the fantasy stage to reality with guidelines and creativity.

My legal services for start-ups include the following:

  1. Entity planning;
  2. Funding objectives;
  3. Team building;
  4. Intellectual property identification and protection;
  5. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to protect your ideas during their development state of your start-up;
  6. Contract preparation for employees, independent contractors, suppliers, creators of graphics, websites, content, ad copy, and all others who help you with creating content, design contracts, distribution contracts, licensing agreements and so on;
  7. Team building assistance and contracts;
  8. Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements;
  9. Trade secret planning;
  10. And other planning and implementation customized for each entrepreneur;

I offer legal packages that are constructed on a case by case basis with services as are needed for each start-up.

Because of my understanding of the pressures of starting businesses, and my experience with the entrepreneurs who are behind each such start-up, I am proud to offer different legal packages at discounted rates for those in need of legal help.

Call me now at (303) 322-7919 to discuss our packages and their pricing.

These packages are only available to new businesses.