About Replin Law Group, LLC

The Replin Law Group, LLC is proud to represent start-up and growing businesses engaged in a broad variety of businesses, both web based as well as product and service providers, inventors, creators, fashion designers, small businesses, entrepreneurs and those in the entertainment business.

We provide insightful legal guidance on start-up and growth issues, and how to plan for expansion of product and/or service sales.

One of our strengths is in the preparation of our clients for strong and protected growth. We prepare contracts and review contracts that are presented to our clients, and negotiate contracts on behalf of our clients to ensure their best protection.

Our diverse client base includes a wide variety of those in the entertainment industry, start-up businesses, inventors, growing businesses, focused business men and women, and those in the entertainment industry, all with interesting and often complex transactional legal needs.

The years of practice have given us the experience that usually allows us to “hit the ground running” after we meet with you. While we certainly haven’t seen or done it all, the transactions with which we are familiar give us the maturity to move quickly in knowing how to be the most effective for you in most situations.

Our firm has been a strong team member in starting and becoming a part of the growing careers of film makers, fashion designers, authors and screenwriters, artists, graphic designers, publishers, agents and managers, music labels and musicians and non-entertainment entrepreneurs with their start up and growing businesses in the creative arts and industries in all aspects of business.

Unique to our firm is that because we have significant contract experience, we are eager to review any contracts that you would like to get out of. We have had client after client come to us having entered into a bad relationship, or one that started great, but has turned bad over time. THEY WANT TO GET OUT OF THEIR CONTRACTS.

We review contracts in great detail, in conjunction with an in-depth interview of our client to understand how the relationship started, what went wrong, and why. We formulate our strategy and start the process without litigation initially. We have been successful in many cases with our process saving our clients significant money and time as well as obtaining the desired outcome.

One of the most unique aspects of our firm is our ability to offer “fast track” business coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their businesses much more quickly and focused than they typically would have otherwise accomplished.

As coaching and consulting assistance is outside of our normal legal practice, our coaching and consulting services can provide assistance and direction to entrepreneurs in ways that strict legal advice cannot and does not provide.  We use our decades of alternative funding experience to help our clients find the money they need to both start and grow their projects and businesses.

Because of our strong interest in new and small businesses started and grown by entrepreneurs, we limit our legal practice and our consulting services to enthusiastic and passionate individuals who have a sincere desire to build great businesses regardless of the particular business in which they operate.

We want to speak with you to see if you are a passionate and enthusiastic person who needs help to start or grow a business. We are eager to represent serious, dedicated and focused entrepreneurs to help them start, grow and to become more successful much faster with us than without us.