Entertainment Law

This aspect of our practice is certainly one of the areas which we enjoy the most. To be involved in the planning and production of creative projects is exactly where we like to be. While the term “entertainment” can cover a lot of ground, we interpret it very broadly to include most areas of development, implementation, production, performance, creation and related areas of virtually any creative project.

In many cases, entertainment law may be a way to refer to film and TV. While this is so, as we expand our definition of entertainment to include a much broader view of the results and display of creativity. As a way to describe our breath, we can assist those in the entertainment industry in some of the following areas:

  1. Issues of chain of title for creative works;
  2. Agreements with and for writers;
  3. Option/purchase agreements;
  4. Funding issues and, structure consultation when seeking investment dollars;
  5. Review and structure of loan opportunities for production companies;
  6. Joint venture and other co-production structures and contracts;
  7. Incentive tax credit and subsidy evaluation for competing production locations;
  8. Deal negotiation and contract preparation and review;
  9. Distribution agreement preparation and review for domestic opportunities;
  10. Sales agency review: foreign and domestic;
  11. Agreements for product placements;
  12. Clearance issues and agreements;
  13. Location permission agreements;
  14. Acquisition of life rights;
  15. escrow;
  16. insurance application assistance (errors and omissions insurance, general business liability insurance, production insurance, completion bond applications, directors and officers liability insurance, key man life insurance, equipment insurance, and so on);
  17. content licensing/purchase agreements;
  18. preparation and review of production services agreement;
  19. consultation regarding the structures of transactions in conjunction with film production and financing;
  20. cast and crew agreements;
  21. multiple party financing agreements;
  22. investment agreements for private equity purchasers;