Business Law

We are continually eager to assist our clients with the aspects of business and corporate law that help with strong corporate structures and clear opportunities for growth. Each entrepreneur has her own ideas about how her businesses will grow and prosper. And, each strategy for growth demands unique contracts that are developed for each such growth plans and its timing.

Rather than make business growth an accident of random events, with all of the attendant risks, we are driven to growth by plan. Our theory is that advance planning leads to more accurate results in almost all cases. If for some reason, the plans result in a different outcome, the ability to be flexible about next steps is enhanced when the time available to plan for these changed circumstances starts at the inception of the plan.

A significant part of practicing good business law is to make plans for the proper ownership and protection of the intellectual property developed by the principals of the company or transferred to it in exchange for some consideration.

The experience that we have had dealing with entrepreneurs gives us insights into the minds and objectives of emerging business men and women that we put to use with respect to each of our clients. The insights gained from planning outcomes with our clients and watching as events unfold very differently allows us to be conservative risk takers in our recommendations given to our clients.