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Fast-Track Business Coaching™


An exciting part of my practice has emerged over the years as I have realized that today’s entrepreneur is in need of not only the best legal representation. In order to start correctly and grow any business in this environment, the need for a mentor, coach or consultant cannot be over-emphasized.


There are few large businesses that did not make use of business coaching at some points in their start-up phase and beyond. One person cannot possibly see her business with a 360-degree view. One person cannot possibly know everything there is to know about each aspect of what is needed to start and grow a business.


I offer packages specifically for new and growing businesses in need of a mentor/coach to guide them with skill and experience to building a strong business foundation, and to help with their growth issues. Note that this is not a legal service but rather a business service.

I am uniquely suited to help entrepreneurs due to the many businesses I have started both for my clients and for myself. I am an entrepreneur and I have my battle scars from doing all the right things and many of the wrong things, but many with unexpected outcomes. This experience can be invaluable to you as you are entering into the exciting world of entrepreneurship.


When you retain my services, you are getting:
a lawyer for entrepreneurs;
a CPA with small business experience;
the holder of an MBA with a focus on small business and finance;
the holder of an LLM (tax), which is a master’s degree in law with a focus on tax
the CEO of one of the largest private banks in the US making loans to small
businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the United States;
the author of the most effective roadmap to finding alternate financial resources
for entrepreneurs entitled WHERE TO GO WHEN THE BANK SAYS NO!
the author of the book expressly for those in need of fast funding entitled
THE 9 SECRETS TO FINDING MONEY FAST! (both available on;
and all rolled up neatly in one person.


My coaching (and consultation) services also include:
offering second opinions on business issues;
testifying as an expert witness in business and financing matters;
business plan development and organization;
strategic business plan development; and
hard money business plan™ development;


I am available for training classes, speaking engagements, and seminars and workshops, on the areas within business growth in which I have had significant experience.


Please call my office at (303) 322-7919 today for more information, or email me at: