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Tips for better blogging

Have you ever asked how can I write an effective blog?

There are several things to consider.

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What are they interested in?
  3. Are you communicating on their level?

I remember a story that I heard while attending a seminar entitled Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

The story goes like this:

A man was talking to his wife and this is what he said to her:

Honey, I found this new car, mag wheels, chrome pipes, 12-cylinder engine and runs like a dream. Her eyes glazed over like a jelly donut.

He could see that he wasn’t scoring any points with her and decided to change the approach. He then said:

Honey I found this new car … shoes, mag wheels … handbag, chrome pipes … necklace, 12-cylinder engine … new dress and runs like a dream … you are beautiful. Then, no more jelly donuts………her eyes lit up because she heard words that were relevant to her and her interest rose like a hot air balloon.

Women, on the other hand, talk to their husbands or significant others like this:

Honey, our next-door neighbor Debby was cooking her special cake today. When I was walking the dog, I saw her in her kitchen and she told me what she was doing. I got so hungry that I think that we should go out to dinner this evening. What do you think? But, what he heard was something exactly like this: “blah, blah, blah, go out to dinner”

When she changed the wording that used, he started to hear her by saying this instead:

Honey, Debby was baking a cake … sex, and it smelled so good … perfume, and it made me very hungry … nice night alone after dinner. What he heard was sex, perfume, and a wonderful night after dinner and you can bet that he heard every one of the words that he was interested in!

See how by addressing the interests of your clients/customers or readers, you can easily get the attention of your audience without sending messages that are continually ignored? The result is that you get mad because you are being belittled while you cannot get your message through to your listener. All you have to do is to change your language to address the interests of your audience, and poof………… get listened to. Easy isn’t it?

That is why it is important to use anything that you can to better understand what your audience could possibly hear. This goes from educational level, to likes and dislikes, to the style of their speaking and writing, to the pictures that they use on their posts (yes, most of the time, they will only pick photos with which they resonate on some level), and what they read, listen to and watch.

And then it’s as easy as 1, 2 6 to draw them into your content by speaking directly to them. Remember that it’s not about you unless you are going to be the only reader. But is that why you are posting blogs? No! You already know what you are saying. Let’s draw in new folks who hear, think and want to buy what you are selling.

And remember that liability for defamation (libel), infringement, invasion of privacy, and all other disparaging comments can create legal liability for you. Most bloggers look at their blogs as a way to criticize, complain about or denigrate other products, services and people (primarily their competitors). Do not even think about this! Reread your post BEFORE you hit submit. The blog of today can put you into hotter water than you ever bargained for.