Writing blogs some handy tips

Writing blog posts can be difficult. You want something that is relevant to your audience and something that gets people’s attention.

That is why I use different methods of posting blogs not only on my main website, but also, social media websites.

That is why I try different things to get peoples interest like:

Using humor or telling a joke.

Use a funny picture.

Use a slogan or phrase that many people know or will remember.

I remember a joke:

Men and women communicate differently, here is a sample conversation to get the opposite sex to listen to you.

When talking to a man: I am having issues with a co-worker (sex) and they are always causing problems (sex) and I am not sure how to handle this co-worker (sex.)

When talking to a female: I saw this new car that has 12 cylinders, dual exhaust (shoes) chrome pipes in the back and mag wheels (shoes.)



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