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Protect Your Creativity!

Creative Arts 

Law for the Creative Arts is focused on the specific needs of those who take ideas and create services, products and businesses from them. We have been helping clients in this area for many years with business building, intellectual property protection and strong entities and contracts. Creative Arts is a broad term for not only those on this webpage, but encompasses collaborators, vendors, licensees, resellers, franchise owners, funders, shareholders and all others who are impacted by the business of the creator.

Strong Strategic Planning!


Fashion law is one of our passions at The Replin Law Group, LLC. Fashion is rapidly evolving, creative and where there is significant need for legal and business assistance. Most fashion designers fail to recognize the importance of an experienced lawyer in their business planning. Most realize it too late, sadly.

Our experienced attorneys help apparel designers, textile designers, models, suppliers, publicists, with business & strategic planning and funding issues, label growth, design and brand protection, and expansion into manufacturing, selling wholesale and retail, knockoff enforcement, trademarks and a broad scope of fashion business issues.

Careers and Businesses to the Stars!

Visual Arts:

Visual artists are especially needy in the areas of strong legal representation for their photography, their sculpture, their choreography, their printmaking, their videography, their architecture, their textile designs, their painting and drawing, and so on. If you ask most visual artists, they don’t seem to believe that they have really thought about it, nor do they think that they need to. The need to protect their intellectual property is, perhaps most necessary in this area because of the frequent informality with which content is presented and sold.

There are few other areas of human endeavor that have such potential for licensing opportunities and other public displays that can easily put the artist herself on the fast track to great visibility. At each stage of an artist’s growth, there is a need for strong contracts, a strategic plan that leads to the desired outcome in the most efficient way.

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The career of these particular attorneys start in a firm of trademark attorneys in which they are specialist in trademark work. After that, they can be hired by bigger companies interested in attorneys qualified enough to deal with their issues. Among the many things that a trademark lawyer must do, there are the assessment on the usage and the registering of trademarks as well as other processes related like oppositions, assignations, invalidation’s, revocations and more. They can also deal with infringement issues. To keep their status of formally registered, they must comply with ethic norms and standards. The difference is that in the USA, attorneys have a wider permission of exercising easily since the paperwork required to be certified and to work in the trademark field is less demanding. Colorado Copyright Law


Denver Entertainment Lawyer. Skilled legal advice is the most important aspect in making complex business decisions. Our attorneys guide you through every stage of business development, starting at formation and continuing as your business grows over time.  We assist business owners, artists, and developers, among others, in ensuring the safety of their intellectual property and their business, both protecting and enhancing value by identifying and defending rights in a variety of areas.



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